Somatic genetic alterations such as copy number alterations (CNAs) were the fundamental events in the development and progression of cancer. However,due to the extensive complexity and high genetic heterogeneity in cancer, it is still difficult to comprehensively depict the molecular mechanisms of cancer. Characterizing personalized pathogenesis in cancer individuals can help to reveal new details of the complex mechanisms. Based on the hypothesis that genetic alterations contribute to the carcinogenesis of individuals by dysregulating gene expression in some key pathways in individuals, we have provided a web server called IndividualizedPath to identify the genetic alterations and their affecting risk pathways in cancer individuals. Our method not only provide the insights into personalized cancer mechanisms but also can give the global landscape of driver mechanisms across cancer populations. We believe it will be an important tool for researchers to further analyze the functional roles of genomic aberrations underlying cancer mechanism.

Title and Authors:

IndividualizedPath: identifying genetic alterations contributing to the dysfunctional pathways in glioblastoma individuals
Yanyan Ping, Hongyi Zhang, Yulan Deng, Li Wang, Hongying Zhao, Lin Pang, Huihui Fan, Chaohan Xu, Feng Li, Yong Zhang,Yonghui Gong, Yun Xiao* and Xia Li*

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